The Blower Motor Failed on My Furnace on the First Cold Day of the Year

I am usually in the habit of checking everything well before I need it. If I am going on vacation, I check everything on my car. In the spring, before it gets too warm, I always test my air conditioners. In the early part of fall, I always check my furnace too. I do this so I am not left with any surprises should something not work. Well, this past fall, I got distracted and did not check my furnace. When it got cold and wouldn’t turn on, I had to contact a Sacramento HVAC company to come out and look at it.

The furnace was not too old, so I had no idea what was wrong with it. I knew that it should definitely be working though. It was out of its warranty period, but I was still pretty sure that it was a simple issue to fix, unless it turned out to be a lemon. I explained to the person on the phone that it was making a clicking noise, but it would not turn on. I don’t have any experience in fixing things like this, so I was glad when she told me that someone could come out later that same day to look at it.

The air conditioner was not needed for a few weeks now, so I had no idea it would not work either. The blower motor had stopped working, so there was no forced air for the AC or the heat. The blower motor spins a cylindrical fan that moves air through your ducts. It can be the refrigerated air of your central AC unit or the heat from your furnace. Most systems are interconnected to use the same blower motor. It only took a few minutes for the repair technician to install a new motor, and then the furnace came right on. The repair was not too costly, and I had heat in no time.