Learning a New Career in Web Design and Digital Marketing

Learning new skills always appealed to me. I always wanted to learn how to create beautiful websites. I already had experience in traditional art such as drawing, painting and sculpting. I worked for a professional sculptor. I wanted to try my hand at creating the foundation of the web that everyone sees. That being the websites themselves. I got tired of the lame looking templates and designs and wanted to create profitable and good looking websites. I looked into the online marketing training institute in Mumbai because they offer both web design and digital marketing skills in their courses.

I knew that once I learned how to control the elements of design and learned the code I needed to know that I would be able to use my existing design skills to create winning websites. It is no different than learning to paint, draw or sculpt. You have to know your tools and the medium you are working in. Instead of using paint, I would be using code, images and graphics online to create websites that customers would find that they really enjoyed experiencing.

I knew that the next level of the Internet was going to be a mix of design and function with aesthetic appeal that only real artists could bring. I wanted to be an innovator in web design rather than a follower. However, just like my art career took me time to learn the tools and media I excelled at, the web design would take me time to learn too. The first step then was a course through the online marketing training institute in Mumbai. Concomitantly learning digital marketing would be where a lot of clients would get to know me and my work. You have to be able to sell them a plan for their online business success along with the winning web designs I wanted to create.