Why We Have a New Doctor Now

When my daughter was not feeling good not that long ago, I was not able to get her in to see our family doctor until the end of the week. They advised taking her to a clinic or the emergency room if it was bad. I didn’t think it was severe enough for the ER, but I did want her to see a doctor just to be safe. I did a search for walkin doctors and found a clinic that accepts new patients as well as walk in patients. The clinic is only about ten minutes from us, so that is where we went.

I was impressed from the moment we walked into the clinic. We were able to be seen almost immediately, which is a far cry from how long we used to have to wait at our former family doctor. Yes, I said former, because I learned while at this walk in appointment that they also provide family practice services. We would be able to get the same service and care that we were getting, but it would be much closer to home and we would not have to wait for an appointment if it was urgent. Continue reading

A Chiropractor Was Better Than Two Separate Physicians

I walked inside the door of a Sacramento chiropractic office a few months back and asked if they had any room to see me that day. When the answer turned out to be that they had plenty of room to see me, I let out a big sigh and told the receiptionist how greatful I was. I then told her why. She said, “Well, don’t go away. I can get you right in after his next appointment because it sounds like you’ve been in a lot of pain for much too long.” Finally! Someone who actually understood what I was going through and cared enough to do something to help me get through the situation.

I’ve never thought my physician or any other one that I’ve visited has seemed particularly caring. I don’t think they have time to do that or the ability to do that. They see too many patients on a daily basis to get caught up in the emotions of every patient. That would be a big problem for any doctor and weigh them down quickly. But my doctor didn’t really seem to care at all. In fact, he showed disinterest from the very first time I came to him about my back. When I came back at third time to tell him the trouble was still happening, he suddenly seemed annoyed. He pointed at surgery as being my only option.

I went somewhere else after that. While the next doctor did seem to care a bit more, he said that he did not believe I should have surgery and that the other doctor was wrong. It was frusrating to say the least. I realized it would mean I need to go to a 3rd doctor to really find out what the correct answer is. I could not do that.

The Blower Motor Failed on My Furnace on the First Cold Day of the Year

I am usually in the habit of checking everything well before I need it. If I am going on vacation, I check everything on my car. In the spring, before it gets too warm, I always test my air conditioners. In the early part of fall, I always check my furnace too. I do this so I am not left with any surprises should something not work. Well, this past fall, I got distracted and did not check my furnace. When it got cold and wouldn’t turn on, I had to contact a Sacramento HVAC company to come out and look at it.

The furnace was not too old, so I had no idea what was wrong with it. I knew that it should definitely be working though. Continue reading

Wasted Most of the Day in Court

I pretty much knew what was going to happen all along and I was about mad enough to yell at all of the people I knew were wasting my time. I was not really sure that they could force me to show up, I was simply a witness who did not see too much. The entire thing was just a Sacramento personal injury attorney and the lawyers for the insurance companies doing this little dance, it was obvious from the start that they were working on a settlement and just could not get around to the finish line until someone put the pressure on. Of course that was why they dragged me and about a dozen other people in there. They wanted to make it look like they were going to fight it out in court, but no one was really buying it. In fact they already knew all that I had to say and that was not too much.

I had not really seen the accident and did not know who had caused it. Continue reading

Internet Marketing Best Practices for Growing Business

My business has been growing fairly steadily over the past year, and it is getting to the point where I feel like some action definitely needs to be taken if I am to expect the same sort of growth going forward, which would really be nice. I want to do everything I can to make sure the business keeps growing and generally does as well as is possible. I am reading about this guy named Alex Shelton who seems to be some sort of guru when it comes to internet marketing and all of the minutiae that goes along with doing a very successful job at internet marketing.

I don’t feel very confident that I would be able to adequately or properly market my company on the internet and that in order to do a good job, that I will need to get some outside help for the project. Continue reading

Learning a New Career in Web Design and Digital Marketing

Learning new skills always appealed to me. I always wanted to learn how to create beautiful websites. I already had experience in traditional art such as drawing, painting and sculpting. I worked for a professional sculptor. I wanted to try my hand at creating the foundation of the web that everyone sees. That being the websites themselves. I got tired of the lame looking templates and designs and wanted to create profitable and good looking websites. I looked into the online marketing training institute in Mumbai because they offer both web design and digital marketing skills in their courses. Continue reading

I Want to Grow My Business

I have lived on the coast all my life. My love for the sea and everything that comes with it has never waned. When my parents passed away when I was 18 years old, I knew that I needed to do something to support myself immediately. So, I started selling seashells online. But I needed more people to find my website, and that is how I learned about small business SEO service on the Warrior Forum a couple of months ago.

The best way to explain it is that just a decade or two ago, anyone could put up a website and because there were not that many sites on the Internet, it was relatively easy to find yours with the help of search engine. Continue reading

Getting Help Means Getting Noticed

My grandmother gave me a guitar when I was only 7 years old. I had never expressed interest in one, but she surprised me with one for my birthday. I had no idea how to play it, but I spent months learning how to do so. The entire family was impressed, and despite my young age, so was I. My older brother was the star of the family because of his many talents, and I finally had a talent, too. I’ve struggled with getting my music noticed by anyone outside my family, so I hooked up with Soundcloud marketing not long ago to try to change that. It has been a long road, and I was hoping they could help.

I originally holed up in the basement of our home to teach myself how to play the guitar. Continue reading

A Marketing and Design Company That Delivers

I had a really nice website designed for me years ago. It was perfect for my needs, but technology is always advancing. It turned from really nice to not as functional as I wanted it to be with the advancement of Internet services on mobile phones. I could not contact the company that designed my site because they were no longer in business. I had no idea how to make it mobile friendly on my own, so I did an online search for Dallas Internet marketing services, knowing I would find a company that does both mobile design as well as marketing.

While I was interested in their own websites, I was more interested in what others are saying about them. Continue reading