A Chiropractor Was Better Than Two Separate Physicians

I walked inside the door of a Sacramento chiropractic office a few months back and asked if they had any room to see me that day. When the answer turned out to be that they had plenty of room to see me, I let out a big sigh and told the receiptionist how greatful I was. I then told her why. She said, “Well, don’t go away. I can get you right in after his next appointment because it sounds like you’ve been in a lot of pain for much too long.” Finally! Someone who actually understood what I was going through and cared enough to do something to help me get through the situation.

I’ve never thought my physician or any other one that I’ve visited has seemed particularly caring. I don’t think they have time to do that or the ability to do that. They see too many patients on a daily basis to get caught up in the emotions of every patient. That would be a big problem for any doctor and weigh them down quickly. But my doctor didn’t really seem to care at all. In fact, he showed disinterest from the very first time I came to him about my back. When I came back at third time to tell him the trouble was still happening, he suddenly seemed annoyed. He pointed at surgery as being my only option.

I went somewhere else after that. While the next doctor did seem to care a bit more, he said that he did not believe I should have surgery and that the other doctor was wrong. It was frusrating to say the least. I realized it would mean I need to go to a 3rd doctor to really find out what the correct answer is. I could not do that.