Why We Have a New Doctor Now

When my daughter was not feeling good not that long ago, I was not able to get her in to see our family doctor until the end of the week. They advised taking her to a clinic or the emergency room if it was bad. I didn’t think it was severe enough for the ER, but I did want her to see a doctor just to be safe. I did a search for walkin doctors and found a clinic that accepts new patients as well as walk in patients. The clinic is only about ten minutes from us, so that is where we went.

I was impressed from the moment we walked into the clinic. We were able to be seen almost immediately, which is a far cry from how long we used to have to wait at our former family doctor. Yes, I said former, because I learned while at this walk in appointment that they also provide family practice services. We would be able to get the same service and care that we were getting, but it would be much closer to home and we would not have to wait for an appointment if it was urgent. Continue reading