Wasted Most of the Day in Court

I pretty much knew what was going to happen all along and I was about mad enough to yell at all of the people I knew were wasting my time. I was not really sure that they could force me to show up, I was simply a witness who did not see too much. The entire thing was just a Sacramento personal injury attorney and the lawyers for the insurance companies doing this little dance, it was obvious from the start that they were working on a settlement and just could not get around to the finish line until someone put the pressure on. Of course that was why they dragged me and about a dozen other people in there. They wanted to make it look like they were going to fight it out in court, but no one was really buying it. In fact they already knew all that I had to say and that was not too much.

I had not really seen the accident and did not know who had caused it. Continue reading